†family Dictyoolithidae Zhao 1994 (dinosaur)

Reptilia - Dictyoolithidae

Full reference: Z.-K. Zhao. 1994. In K. Carpenter, K. F. Hirsch, and J. R. Horner (eds.), Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 184-203

Parent taxon: Dinosauria according to Q. Wang et al. 2013

See also Zhao 1994

Sister taxa: Ancistrodon, Astrodon pusillus, Carnosauriformes, Diplodocia, Dongyangoolithidae, Dystrophaeidae, Fusioolithidae, Gigantosauropus, Harpagosauria, Herreravia, Huanglongpus, Iguanodonichnus, Lagunculapes, Megalosauridae, Mirsosauropus, Mosaicoolithus, Neosauropus, Nyasasaurus, Omosaurus phillipsi, Ornithischiformes, Paleodinosauria, Phytodinosauria, Phytophagi, Polyclonoolithidae, Postpubici, Praepubici, Prismatoolithidae, Saurischia, Sauropodichnus, Similifaveoloolithidae, Sinoichnites, Stalicoolithidae, Therophagi, Theropoda, Therosauria, Toyamasauripus, Tretospondylia, Xiphopeza, Youngoolithidae, Yunnanpus, Ornithischia

Subtaxa: Dictyoolithus Paradictyoolithus Protodictyoolithus

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• Cretaceous of China (6 collections), Mongolia (1), South Korea (4)

Total: 11 collections each including a single occurrence

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