†family Amphidontidae Simpson 1925 (symmetrodont)

Mammalia - Symmetrodonta - Amphidontidae

Full reference: G. G. Simpson. 1925. Mesozoic Mammalia. II: Tinodon and its allies. American Journal of Science, series 5 10(59):451-470

Parent taxon: Symmetrodonta according to O. P. Hay 1930

See also Carroll 1988, Cassiliano and Clemens 1979, Kielan-Jaworowska et al. 2004, Simpson 1925 and Simpson 1929

Sister taxa: Barbereniidae, Kuehneon, Spalacotheriida, Tinodontida, Trishulotherium, Woutersiidae

Subtaxa: Acinacodus Amphidon Manchurodon Nakunodon

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Type: Amphidon

Ecology: scansorial insectivore


• Cretaceous of the Russian Federation (4 collections)

• Jurassic of India (1), United States (1: Wyoming)

Total: 6 collections including 7 occurrences

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