†family Deperetellidae Radinsky 1965 (odd-toed ungulate)

Mammalia - Perissodactyla - Deperetellidae

Parent taxon: Tapiroidea according to L. T. Holbrook 1999

See also Carroll 1988, Dashzeveg and Hooker 1997 and Prothero and Schoch 1989

Sister taxa: Cambaylophus, Euryletes, Haagella, Helaletes, Helaletidae, Heptodon, Heptodontidae, Hesperaletes, Tapiridae, Thuliadanta

Subtaxa: Bahinolophus Deperetella Irdinolophus

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Ecology: ground dwelling browser


• Eocene of China (12 collections), Mongolia (3), Myanmar (6)

Total: 21 collections including 23 occurrences

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