†family Raoellidae Sahni et al. 1981 (even-toed ungulate)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla - Raoellidae

Full reference: A. Sahni, S. B. Bhatia, J.-L. Harteberger, J.-J. Jaeger, K. Kumar, J. Sudre, and M. Vianey-Liaud. 1981. Vertebrates from the Subathu Formation and comments on the biogeography of Indian subcontinent during the early Paleogene. Bulletin of the Geological Society of France 23(6):689-695

Parent taxon: Dichobunoidea according to J. M. Theodor et al. 2007

See also Kumar and Sahni 1985, McKenna and Bell 1997, Thewissen et al. 2007, Thewissen et al. 2001 and Vislobokova 2004

Sister taxa: Acoessus, Cebochoeridae, Dichobunidae, Homacodontidae, Leptochoeridae, Mixtotheriidae

Subtaxa: Indohyus Khirtharia Kunmunella Metkatius

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Ecology: ground dwelling grazer-browser


• Eocene of China (3 collections), India (6), Pakistan (6)

Total: 15 collections including 25 occurrences

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