Pitar (Hyphantosoma) Dall 1902 (venus clam)

Bivalvia - Cardiida - Veneridae

Alternative spellings: Hyphantosoma, Pitaria (Hyphantosoma)

Parent taxon: Pitar according to J. A. Todd 2001

See also Sepkoski 2002 and Woodring 1982

Sister taxa: Meretrix (Pitar) dalikiensis, Meretrix (Pitar) elliptica, Pitar (Calpitaria), Pitar (Chionella), Pitar (Cordiopsis), Pitar (Costellipitar), Pitar (Lamelliconcha), Pitar (Nanopitar), Pitar (Paradione), Pitar (Pitar), Pitar (Pitar) nuttali, Pitar (Pitarenus), Pitar (Pitarina), Pitar addicotti, Pitar albidus, Pitar baylii, Pitar cedroensis, Pitar colchaguana, Pitar cordatus, Pitar hataii, Pitar kotoi, Pitar mancorensis, Pitar morrhuanus, Pitar murphyi, Pitar oregonensis, Pitar ozakii, Pitar palmeri, Pitar parisiensis, Pitar petropolitanus, Pitar porrecta, Pitar rostratus, Pitar salanga, Pitar sciaena, Pitar securiformis, Pitar simpsoni, Pitar sorachiensis, Pitar subarestus, Pitar transversus, Cytherea (Caryatis) pratti, Caryatis barbarensis

Subtaxa: Pitar (Hyphantosoma) carbaseus Pitar (Hyphantosoma) centangulatus Pitar (Hyphantosoma) simonnei

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Type: Cytherea carbasea

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of United States (1: Florida collection)

• Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (2), Jamaica (2), Panama (1)

• Miocene to Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (1)

• Miocene of India (2), New Zealand (1), Panama (10), United States (1: Florida), Venezuela (2)

Total: 23 collections each including a single occurrence

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