Caryophyllia (Premocyathus) Yabe and Eguchi 1942 (stony coral)

Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Caryophylliidae

Alternative spelling: Premocyathus

Full reference: H. Yabe and M. Eguchi. 1942. Fossil and recent simple corals from Japan. Science reports of the Tohoku Imperial University, Geology 22(2):105-178

Parent taxon: Caryophyllia according to S. D. Cairns 1994

Sister taxa: Caryophillia quadrifida, Caryophyllia (Acanthocyathus), Caryophyllia (Ceratocyathus), Caryophyllia aequalis, Caryophyllia arnoldi, Caryophyllia blakeleyensis, Caryophyllia calcitrapa, Caryophyllia californica, Caryophyllia calveri, Caryophyllia capayensis, Caryophyllia charrieri, Caryophyllia cladaxis, Caryophyllia clavus, Caryophyllia comanchei, Caryophyllia constricta, Caryophyllia crassicosta, Caryophyllia dalli, Caryophyllia degenerans, Caryophyllia denaria, Caryophyllia dentonensis, Caryophyllia gracilis, Caryophyllia granulosa, Caryophyllia inops, Caryophyllia japonica, Caryophyllia konincki, Caryophyllia lamellifera, Caryophyllia leptaxis, Caryophyllia mcglameryae, Caryophyllia mediavia, Caryophyllia neglecta, Caryophyllia oregonensis, Caryophyllia paucipaliata, Caryophyllia pedroensis, Caryophyllia pentaradiata, Caryophyllia quadragintaseptae, Caryophyllia salinaria, Caryophyllia sarsiae, Caryophyllia sciolzensis, Caryophyllia scobinosa, Caryophyllia simplex, Caryophyllia sismondai, Caryophyllia suevica, Caryophyllia texana, Caryophyllia truncata, Caryophyllia vermicularis, Caryophyllia woodmanensis, Caryophyllia wynoocheensis

Subtaxa: Caryophyllia (Premocyathus) ceratoconus Caryophyllia (Premocyathus) compressa

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Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Japan (4 collections)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of Taiwan (1)

• Miocene of France (1)

• Oligocene of France (1)

Total: 7 collections each including a single occurrence

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