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Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Caryophylliidae

Ceratotrochus was named by Milne-Edwards and Haime (1848) [Sepkoski's age data: K Ceno R]. It is extant.

It was assigned to Caryophylliidae by Wells (1956); and to Scleractinia by Sepkoski (2002).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1848Ceratotrochus Milne-Edwards and Haime
1956Ceratotrochus Wells
2002Ceratotrochus Sepkoski

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phylumCnidariaHatschek 1888
classAnthozoaEhrenberg 1834
orderScleractiniaBourne 1900
suborderCaryophylliina(Vaughan and Wells 1943)
superfamilyCaryophylliicaeGray 1847
familyCaryophylliidaeGray 1847
genusCeratotrochusMilne-Edwards and Haime 1848

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

G. Ceratotrochus Milne-Edwards and Haime 1848
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Ceratotrochus clinatus Dennant 1903
Ceratotrochus exiguus Squires 1958
Ceratotrochus exilis Dennant 1902
Ceratotrochus ginginensis Etheridge 1913
Ceratotrochus halli Dennant 1902
Ceratotrochus multiserialis Michelotti 1838
Ceratotrochus multispinosus Michelotti 1838
Invalid names: Ceratotrochus polonicus Siemiradzki 1927 [synonym], Ceratotrochus rengarteni Kuzmicheva 1987 [synonym]
No diagnoses are available
No measurements are available
Composition: aragonitef
Grouping: solitaryf
Clonal: yesf
Environment: marineo
Locomotion: stationaryf
Attached: yesf
Life habit: low-level epifaunalf
Diet: microcarnivoref
Vision: blindc
Reproduction: alternatingo
Asexual: yeso
Dispersal: watero
Dispersal 2: planktonico
Created: 2004-02-29 09:13:07
Modified: 2004-02-29 11:13:07
Source: g = genus, f = family, o = order, c = class
Reference: Kiessling 2004

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Cenomanian to the top of the Late/Upper Pleistocene or 100.50000 to 0.01170 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 93.9 Ma

Collections (53 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Cenomanian100.5 - 93.9USA (Texas) C. sp. (123261)
Santonian86.3 - 83.6Australia (Western Australia) C. ginginensis (123005)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Ukraine C. polonicus (87049)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Libya Axocyathus punctatus (87561)
Danian66.0 - 61.6Turkmenistan C. rengarteni (86697)
Danian66.0 - 61.6Russian Federation (Krasnodarskiy Kray) C. rengarteni (86751)
Danian66.0 - 61.6Ukraine (Krym) C. renngarteni (77071)
Danian66.0 - 61.6Kazakhstan C. rengarteni (86752)
Danian66.0 - 61.6Denmark C. saltholmensis, C. milthersi (89866)
Bartonian41.3 - 38.0Spain C. bodellei (141920 141924 141987 142113)
Late/Upper Eocene37.2 - 33.9Australia (Victoria) C. clinatus (122437)
Rupelian33.9 - 28.1Iran C. sp. (41074)
Oligocene33.9 - 23.03Australia (Victoria) C. exilis (122379) C. exilis, C. halli (122348)
Oligocene - Miocene33.9 - 5.333Australia (Victoria) C. australiensis, C. exilis (122382)
Chattian28.1 - 23.03Hungary C. duodecimcostatus (124418 124447 124448)
Chattian28.1 - 23.03Iran C. sp. (41075)
Chattian28.1 - 23.03France C. subcristatus (163836) C. subcristatus, C. bellingherianus, C. pentaradiatus (22968)
Waitakian25.2 - 21.7New Zealand C. exiguus (89009)
Burdigalian20.44 - 15.97Italy C. miopliocenica, C. incertus, C. sp., C. incertus, C. subcristatus, C. bellingherianus, C. duodecimcostatus, C. bellardii, C. taurinensis, C. pentaradiata, C. validus (70450)
Burdigalian20.44 - 15.97France C. duodecimcostatus (163838)
Langhian15.97 - 13.82Poland C. granulatus (38818 38819)
Langhian15.97 - 13.82Australia (Victoria) C. exilis (122377)
Middle Miocene15.97 - 11.608Netherlands C. kefersteini (123948)
Middle Miocene15.97 - 11.608Australia (Victoria) C. australiensis (122378) C. australiensis, C. exilis (122349) C. exilis (122380)
Middle Miocene15.97 - 11.608Portugal (Azores) Edwardsotrochus duodecimcostatus (92091)
Serravallian13.82 - 11.62Portugal (Setubal) Edwardsotrochus sp. (92100)
Serravallian13.82 - 11.62France C. bellingherianus (34609)
Serravallian - Tortonian13.82 - 7.246Italy C. duodecimcostatus, C. pentaradiatus (191624)
Badenian13.65 - 12.7Poland (Holy Cross Mountains) C. granulatus, C. sp., C. duodecimcostatus (38823)
Tortonian11.62 - 7.246Morocco C. multispinosus (161355) Edwardsotrochus sp., Edwardsotrochus bellinyherianus, Edwardsotrochus marocensis, Edwardsotrochus subcristatus, C. multispinosus (161391) Edwardsotrochus subcristatus, Edwardsotrochus bellingherianus, C. multispinosus, C. multiserialis (161320)
Tortonian11.62 - 7.246Italy C. bellingherianus, C. multispinosus, C. multiserialis (70497) C. bellingherianus, C. multispinosus, C. multiserialis, C. duodecimcostatus (70491) C. multispinosus (70496)
Late/Upper Miocene11.608 - 5.333Portugal Edwardsotrochus sp. (70666)
Late/Upper Miocene11.608 - 5.333South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal) C. alcockianus (41473)
Messinian7.246 - 5.333Dominican Republic C. duodecimcostatus (93606)
Messinian - Zanclean7.246 - 3.6Dominican Republic C. duodecimcostatus (75037 75040)
Early/Lower Pliocene5.333 - 3.6Italy (Emilia-Romagna) C. multiserialis (92184)
Late/Upper Pleistocene (high glacial)0.126 - 0.0117Greece C. magnaghii (124208)
Late/Upper Pleistocene0.126 - 0.0117Italy C. magnaghii (49518)