Phylum Pteridophyta Haeckel 1875 (ferns)

The authorship of the phylum should be ascribed to the Editor of the translation, E. R. Lankester, not E. Haeckel.

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Synonym: Polypodiophyta Cronquist et al. 1966

Full reference: E. Haeckel. 1875. The History of Creation: or the development of the Earth and its inhabitants by the action of natural causes. A popular exposition of the doctrine of evolution in general, and of that of Darwin, Goethe, and Lamarck in particular. From the German […]. The translation revised by Professor E. Ray Lankester […] 1-2

Parent taxon: Embryophyta according to E. Taylor et al. 2008

See also Doweld 2001

Sister taxa: Angiospermae, Antherocerotophyta, Bryophyta, Coniferophyta, Cycadophyta, Gigantopteridales, Ginkgophyta, Hermanophytales, Iraniales, Lycophyta, Progymnospermophyta, Pteridospermophyta, Sphenophyta, Zosterophyllophyta

Subtaxa: Acrostichum Auritulinasporites Cardioangulina Cibotiumspora Cingulatipollenites Clavatasporites Concavisporites Converrucosisporites Divisisporites Duplexisporites Eodelopterum Eodelopterum priscum Foveogleicheniidites Gabonisporis Haplostigma Impardecispora Lycopsida Microfoveolatosporis Microreticulatisporites Muricingulisporis Murospora Phyllotheca Pilosisporites Polycingulatisporites Psilatriletes Psilotopsida Pteridopsida Rhacophytales Rubinella Saadisporites Scolecopteris Scortea Trilobosporites Triplanosporites Tuberositriletes Uralia Velosporites Verrucosisporites

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